Workers’ Compensation Claims

Howard County Attorney Helping You Recover From Your Work Injury

When You’re Injured on the Job, there are several possible options and benefits available to you through the Workers’ Compensation Commission of Maryland. People can experience serious injuries related to work that can greatly affect their lives for a long time. A Worker’s Compensation Claim can help to get you the necessary treatment you need to limit the effects of your injury. We recommend you hire an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney to handle your Worker’s Compensation Claim.

Benefits available to you when you file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission of Maryland include:

  • Temporary Total: compensation when you are unable to work for a temporary period
  • Permanent Total: permanent compensation for inability to work
  • Medical Services for Life
  • Permanent Partial: compensation for a permanent disability that has lowered your earning capacity.
  • Temporary Partial: compensation for the temporary time that your earning capacity has decreased
  • Survivor benefits: benefits for dependents of a deceased employee
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: assistance in obtaining a job when you (the injured worker) are unable to return to your former employment. These benefits may include job placement, vocational evaluation, and training.

If you have been hurt on the job and have questions whether you are entitled to compensation, CONTACT OUR OFFICE for a FREE consultation. We STRONGLY recommend hiring an attorney to handle you claim. Some of the reasons why can be found in our Article – Injured on the Job – You Need a Lawyer


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