When Insurance Companies Say “No”

Having practiced for over 30 years, I have been told “NO” by insurance companies more times than I wish to admit. Here are a few examples of times when insurance companies say “NO”:

  • A small minority of insurance companies have a successful “NO” policy because they find by saying “no”, they avoid having to pay anything. Most people, when told “NO”, don’t challenge the carrier.
  • A larger percentage of companies say “NO” because of a breakdown in communication. Claimants simply don’t describe their problems clearly according to policy terminology or the adjuster doesn’t understand the communication and therefore denies benefits.
  • A number of companies have such restrictive language in their policies that few claimants would ever qualify to receive benefits and the company subjectively decides to pay benefits in an arbitrary manner.
  • A number of companies truly have a bona fide reason to deny benefits.

For all of the above situations, it is generally beneficial to CONTACT US as 410-730-4404 or the Maryland Insurance Administration at 200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202, to get them to say “YES”.