Whats Your Google Position? – Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

Getting a High Google Position

To perform a Google search, you type in a few words describing what you are looking for and up pops the names of professionals, services, or products.

When the “search” is completed and the results appear on your screen, many people believe that the top three listed entities, in the shaded area, are the best in their field when, in fact, these entities have paid to be listed at the top. The top three search results are called ” pay per click ” subscribers and, unfortunately, some or all of the top three pay- per-click service providers may not be the best, and could be the worst, at what they do.

Below the very top three search results are providers who may be much better at what they do because Google has standards to evaluate the quality of their websites.

The most important quality/standard that Google values is Content. Google evaluates whether or not the website has provided quality information on the service or product. Google considers how long the website has been on the Internet, whether or not the blogs and/or articles are recently posted and up to date, the appearance of the website, how many people visit the website, and how many links the website has with other relevant websites. Google believes that the more websites that link to your site, the more relevant and important your site must be. In a way, it is a popularity contest. Google keeps a record of how many visits are made to the website and what particular area or topic is most visited, whether the website has a video, and whether it provides information that helps a prospective client obtain what the client needs.

The above criteria sometimes can be summed up in one word and that word is “relevance”. Google assesses each website and then lists the sites that fit your “search” in order of Google’s preference, excluding the pay-per-click subscribers. The terms and phrases searched by any google user are matched up to the terms and phrases in your website, and Google then begins its process toward displaying the top results. Depending on your search terms, google almost instantly distinguished all websites, filters out the irrelevant sites, and then displays the results in the order it believes to be the most relevant to your initial search. Google considers all the characteristics above when displaying the results. An algorithm is used to balance the many characteristics to bring results you want. They have even developed a search called “Feeling Lucky” in which google will bring you directly to the website they believe to be the most relevant to your search.

To be included in the results you or your business wish to be in, it takes constant updating and effort to make sure your website and your company are up to date and relevant. Your websites connection to social networking and blogging sites will play a part in your results because they will draw more people to your site. Facebook and Twitter accounts have more and more influence on a company and it’s website as social networking continues to grow at such a high rate.

The individual who has had the greatest impact on the formation of our website and who has assisted us most in organizing it and encouraging us in its development is Thomas H. Finch. Tom owns and operates www.125west.com , an online catalog since the year 1999 of specialty home and outdoor products.

Our website was prepared by three persons in our office: Dan Rowland, Sharon Chapman, and Fred Antenberg. We used WordPress software that can be obtained at no cost over the Internet. For more information on this software, go to www.wordpress.com and www.wordpress.org. You’d be surprised how quickly YOU could build a website and get it to the top of the google search you want.