What To Do About A Warrant for Your Arrest

How To Change A Warrant For Your Arrest To A Summons

Changing a Warrant to a Summons: In most cases, if there is a warrant issued against you for your arrest, it is because you failed to appear in court on a designated date and time for trial.

We can file a pleading on your behalf (a written pleading is similar to a motion) with the court seeking to change the warrant to a summons. A summons is a written notice requiring you to appear at trial and it is sent out from the court through the US mail. If the court approves our pleading and a summons is issued, you will no longer be subject to arrest.

I recently represented a client who had three outstanding warrants against him. We were successful in all three attempts to have his warrants changed to summonses. Before coming to me, he had tried himself to have the warrants converted to summonses by writing a letter to the court but he was unsuccessful.

Our pleading provides the court with strong reasons for the need to change the warrant to a summons and often, based on our reasons, the Court will grant our request. Also, traditionally, a judge is more likely to approve our pleading because he or she knows that an individual who is represented by an attorney is more likely appear at the next trial date than someone who is unrepresented.

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