What is Maryland Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is an insurance program established by the State that requires employers with one or more employees to provide accidental injury coverage to their employees. Workers’ compensation covers an employee’s medical expenses, hospital bills and a partial income replacement, when the employee has an accidental injury that arose out of the course of employment. However, compensation is not unlimited; there are limits that are established by the Official Maryland Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Guide.

Income replacement only arises when you miss more than three days from work, however if you miss more than fourteen days you will get paid for the first three days missed as well. If you are unable to return to the line of work for which you are qualified, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation and training, which provides services to the injured worker to enable them to return to work. Services may include testing, job placement, vocational counseling, and the job training and retraining. If permanent disability arises benefits possibly will continue.

When there is an accident on the job it needs to be reported immediately to avoid delay in your claim.  We recommend getting a Maryland workers compensation attorney immediately.  We can file the claim form with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Knowing how to properly fill out the claim form is why you have Fred Antenberg do it. The facts of how the accident occurred must be accurate and precise. Many cases are lost because of errors made by individuals filling out the form themselves. State law requires that employers post a notice with Workers’ Compensation information that is helpful to the employee when filling out the claim, such as the employer’s full name, address, insurance company name, etc.

An employer is entitled to raise objections to the worker’s compensation claim until the consideration date, which is set by the Commission. If an employer does object, a hearing before the Commission will be scheduled. If you do not receive benefits from your employer or their insurer or are not receiving the benefits to which you believe you are entitled, you can request a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

A Commissioner hears and decides the case as a judge would in court and any party not satisfied with the Commissioner’s decision can file an appeal with the Circuit Court in their jurisdiction.   If you decide to retain an attorney, like we strongly recommend, you will not have to pay up front for the fees; rather, if you are awarded compensation, a fee will be deducted from your award and paid to your attorney.

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