Uninsured Motorist Coverage – What it Means to You!

Your vehicle is struck by a vehicle driven by an uninsured motorist. You suffer personal injuries in addition to extensive property damage. Will you be able to obtain a settlement or collect a judgment against the uninsured driver? The answer is YES!

Uninsured motorists travel the roads in increasing numbers. For your protection, your own automobiel insurance company provides mandatory uninsured motorist coverage as a regular part of your policy which you could use in these three accident situations:

  • The driver is uninsured, often beacuse his or her policy was terminated for failure to pay the policy premium.
  • The driver only has coverage to a maximum of $20,000, which is insufficient to compensate you for your damages. If you purchased uninsured motorist coverage on your policy in an amount greater than $20,000, you claim would be covered to the extent of your coverage becasue the other driver was “underinsured”.
  • A phantom driver cuts you off, causing your vehicle to swerve off the highway and strike a utility pole. You sustain bodily injury and property damage to your vehicle. Since the phnatom vehicle and driver are unidentified, your uninured motorist coverage becomes effective.

In each of these examples you may recover a settlement or a judgment even though the driver/vehicle at fault is either uninsured, underinsured, or unidentified. If you have questions about your uninsured motorist coverage, review your current policy. If you still have questions, call your agent or CONTACT OUR OFFICE for additional information.