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Traffic court is very much like any other legal proceeding. Therefore, we can assist you in an matters that most people are unfamiliar with. When you go to court for a traffic ticket, you are likely to face a police officer who has been to traffic court before and knows how to present his case well. We can help evaluate you case and identify any problems or possible defenses. This can increase your chances of winning you argument and avoiding a ticket or being not guilty of a violation. Otherwise, there is a greater danger of you incurring some serious penalties such as:

  • Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License - A few traffic citations can add points to your record pretty quickly. Some citations involve enough points for the MVA to take your license. That is why any traffic violation is important to enough to defend yourself against.
  • Insurance Rate Increase – Insurance law allows for companies to increase premiums upon those who are convicted with traffic violations. These increases can stick with you long after you have paid your traffic citation.
  • Fines and Costs- The cost of traffic violations can add up very quickly, and they are not limited to financial costs. The price of tickets, violations, driver education classes, and other requirements can add up to some steep charges. Upon a suspended license, many employers will let you go due to this immobility. A personal strain can be put on relationships if you are unable to drive. And an overall strain can be put on your life.
  • Incarceration- Many do not think of traffic violations as incarcerable offenses, but the punishment for some violations include incarceration. These include DUI/DWI, reckless or negligent driving, manslaughter by automobile, driving without insurance, driving on a revoked/suspended license, and hit-and-run. It is important to note that many are charged with driving on a revoked/suspended license after ignoring non-incarcerable offenses. It is important to give any citation you are given the necessary attention.

With a large list of violations which can cost you money and points on your record, it is important for you to be aware of the many dangers and punishments of violations. Below are some resources for you to familiarize yourself with the fines and penalties for the violations in Maryland. The number of different violations on the list will often surprise people.

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