The Cost of a Divorce

How much will my divorce cost? 

It is reasonable for clients to ask this question but  difficult to provide a reasonable response.  The cost of a divorce depends on the approach you take when moving forward with the divorce.

First, in organizing the approach to your divorce, it is necessary to analyze what  your objectives are.  There are a few concerns that most clients have when they come to us:

  •  Who will get custody of the child/children (if applicable) and what will the child support amount be? 
  • What will I obtain by going to court as far as a property division? What is the marital property and how much marital property will I obtain?
  • When will I receive temporary support or alimony and how much can I get and for how long?

Our office can provide objectives and estimations to these questions based on a careful review of your needs and situation.

There are essentially two types of divorces :

  1. Non- contested divorces where the parties agree to most, if not all,  issues;  and
  2. Contested divorces  where we go to court to assert your rights.

Uncontested cases may utilize a separation agreement to resolve all issues including but not limited to custody, child support, division of marital property.  Contested cases follow a predictable course, including the filing of a complaint which is a pleading describing the theory of the case, the facts and issues, as well as the relief sought in terms of alimony, custody, child support, division of marital property, and all other important forms of relief.  Attached to the complaint, certain discovery requests for information are made.  These include interrogatories or written questions, requests for documents including records, requests for admissions, and the scheduling of depositions of the opposite party and of non-party witnesses. 

The courts operate under a scheduling order in which the courts establish deadlines before which each party must complete certain tasks. The scheduling order mandates that the parties must complete the required tasks prior to appearing in court so that there will not be any surprises to the opposing party or last minute evidence or information revealed.

-How much will my divorce cost me?- was the question posed at the beginning of this article.  The cost will depend on many factors,  such as how realistic each party will be in the process and the effectiveness of  communication between attorney and client.  It is extremely important for the attorney and the client to work effectively and efficiently together as a team.   Budgeting your time and efforts is a good way to control the cost.   This contributes to the efficiency of your efforts which can always affect the costs in this process.

Another consideration that affects the cost is the perception by the opposite side as to how well prepared you are.  If the other side believes that it will not be cost effective to try the case, it may lead to a realistic settlement.

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