Response To a Business Who Inquires About Our Representation

Thank you for inquiring about our legal services as it might apply to your business.

I have represented home improvement contractors and both business contractors and residential homeowners. Additionally I have represented clients involving home-improvement contracts in District Court of Maryland on behalf of licensed contractors as well as homeowners. I have also sought and defended contractors as well as residential homeowners to defend their bond when an action has been brought against them or to obtain a bond award from a contractor who didn’t provide any services and kept the one-third deposit. In addition I have prepared home-improvement contracts that conform to the requirements of the Maryland Home Improvement Commission as well as meeting other requirements, such as the requirements under the Uniform Commercial Code relating to door-to-door salespersons.

My largest clients in the past have included:

  • Saeco USA, who was located in Annapolis, Maryland, and who subsequently moved to Cleveland, Ohio. I represented them for approximately 10 years.
  • Aqua Beauty Inc., of Columbia Maryland, a subsidiary of the tenth largest harvester of shrimp in the world. I represented them for over seven years.
  • Glass Systems, Inc., of Columbia Maryland. I represented them for approximately 8 years.

In addition to my representation of the previously named three largest clients , I additionally have represented clients in the following business areas: medicine, used auto dealership, telecommunications company, restaurants, dry cleaner franchisees and franchisors, real estate developers, and auto body repair (a MAACO franchise).

Approximately 80% of the legal services I provided to businesses involved the preparation of legal documents such as articles of incorporation; limited liability company resolutions for corporate acts; preparation and negotiation of distribution agreements of equipment; other contracts such as employment agreements and indemnification agreements and termination agreements relating to employee discharge; golden parachutes to protect highly compensated employees in the event their employer merged or dismantled the company because the employer sold the company; sales agreements; and modifying existing residential home improvement agreements to conform to the Home Improvement Commission.

Approximately 20% of the time devoted to business clients involved lawsuits. Eighty percent of the court cases were settled because of my management of the cases, including trial tactics and my negotiation abilities. I can’t recall over 30 years ever losing a case before the Home Improvement Commission or in district court, representing either a plaintiff or a defendant.

Over the years this firm has represented a wide range of businesses performing services as described above.

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