Rent Retrieval – Steps to Success


Last month in Frederick County’s district court I successfully obtained a personal judgment against a tenant for my client, the landlord. The judgment was for $5,227.20. Here is a checklist of reasons why I achieved an excellent result:

  1. The lease complied with Maryland Landlord/Tenant law;
  2. I wrote a letter to Tenant demanding that Tenant resume immediately rent payments under the lease or I would file suit and obtain:
    1. the remaining 6 months of rent;
    2. attorney’s fees and costs;
    3. a personal judgment…
    4. enabling Landlord to garnish his wages and to attach property, including bank accounts, automobiles, and other assets
  3. Filed suit;
  4. Had a private process server personally serve the legal papers at Tenant’s place of employment;
  5. Prepared my client for trial;
  6. Won at the trial.

We now have a personal judgment against Tenant and Landlord will receive 10% annually simple interest until the judgment is paid.

I have never tried a case in the District Court of Maryland for Frederick County and consider that our success was achieved by the steps described above.

Fredric Antenberg represents residential landlords in Howard County and surrounding counties who have one or several rental properties. CONTACT Fred to represent you in filing suit against tenants who fail to pay rent — 410-730-4404.