Property Damage

If your property has been damaged, we will aggressively represent your claim for all damages that have resulted from the negligent or purposeful acts of another person.  If someone has damaged your property, CONTACT OUR OFFICE for a FREE consultation.

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Diminution of Value

Our office prides itself in aggressively pursuing diminution of value. This term means that the client may receive a financial recovery for the diminished value of the vehicle simply because the vehicle has been in an accident. The public is aware that if the vehicle is sold through a dealership the law requires disclosure that the vehicle has been in an accident and sufficient details for the purchaser to make an informed decision. As a result of an individual in knowing that the vehicle has been damaged previously and repaired, the vehicle has a diminished value. Our office works with companies whose concentration is evaluating diminished value. There is a cost between $75 and $325 to evaluate diminished value.

As part of investigating the diminished value, the process includes determining whether or not the vehicle has been properly repaired. The property damage specialists thoroughly review the vehicles and often determine that the vehicle has not been properly prepared. Having this assessment done at or near the time that the repaired vehicle is returned to the client, demand at that time must be made to ensure the timely notice has been given to the repair facility as well as appropriate repairs being made for work that has not been properly made.

Property damage where the vehicle is”totalled” it is important for the lawyer to gather sufficient and detailed property damage data to advise the client as to whether or not the vehicle should be totaled and the clients options with regard to salvaging the vehicle, preparing the vehicle, and negotiating but is determined to be the fair market value of the clients vehicle.

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