Prompt Meeting With Your Attorney After Being Charged Is Paramount

Meeting with your Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon after a criminal charge has many benefits.Meeting With Your Attorney

Recollection: The longer the time between the events that led to your arrest and the first meeting with your attorney, the greater is the likelihood that you will have forgotten important details. Further, waiting to see your attorney until a couple of weeks before trial may not give your attorney adequate time to properly prepare for trial as there may not be sufficient time for your attorney to obtain important documents, talk to witnesses, subpoena your witnesses, and to prepare you to give your testimony. Additionally, photographs taken of the scene several or more weeks after the incident may not accurately depict the scene as it was on the day of the incident. The scene may have significantly changed in the interim. Under the rules of evidence, photographs that do not reasonably and adequately portray the scene as it appeared at the time of the incident may not be admissible.

Voice Recordings of Dispatchers: Often in DUI arrests, the officer on the scene communicates with the dispatcher at police headquarters. Your attorney needs time to obtain the audio transcript of the officer’s verbal communications with the dispatcher because there is the possibility that the officer in the written report stated the opposite of what he or she said to the dispatcher prior to and at the time of your arrest.

Financial Arrangements: Typically, most folks do not have funds set aside to pay an attorney to represent them in the event they are faced with criminal charges. Also typically, lawyers require payment of their fees prior to trial. If you do not retain a lawyer until “days” before trial, you may not have adequate funds available to pay the fee he or she requires.

Postponements: If you retain a lawyer within several days of being charged or arrested, your lawyer may have sufficient time to prepare for trial but the prosecutor may not. In a scenario such as that, if you retained us and we submitted motions to the court, including a motion for speedy trial, and the prosecutor was not adequately prepared for trial, the Court may not grant the prosecutor’s request for postponement. However, if you do not retain an attorney promptly after being charged or arrested and your attorney therefore feels it is necessary to request a postponement on your behalf, that request could work against you because the prosecutor, who otherwise may not have been prepared, would be given the additional time he or she needed.

Confidence: Obtaining legal representation immediately after the incident and thereby providing your attorney with sufficient time to adequately prepare for trial will give both you and your attorney a sense of confidence in the outcome because, by being fully prepared, the chances of prevailing are much greater.

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