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The information below is from the Maryland Association for Justice. Many of the brief blurbs are from other jurisdictions and may very likely not apply to Maryland cases.

Medical Malpractice

Cleveland VA Hospital Settles Malpractice Lawsuit

The Cleveland VA Medical Center will pay $500,000 to the widow of a military veteran who died after undergoing a botched hernia repair procedure. In her suit, the woman claimed the surgeon, who had never done this type of surgery before, perforated the man’s bowel, causing him to die of infection. The suit also claimed other hospital staff failed to recognize the mistake for several days, resulting in the infection.

Staff Report, PR Newswire 01/03/2013

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Class Action

SW Airlines Settles Voucher Lawsuit

Southwest Airlines has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit filed over the company’s decision to stop honoring free drink vouchers. The lawsuit said that, for years, customers who bought premium-priced tickets were awarded free drink vouchers that did not include an expiration date. As part of the settlement, eligible fliers will be allowed to use the remainder of their vouchers over the next 12 months.

Gregory Karp, Chicago Tribune 12/14/2012

Dillard’s Settles Sick Leave Lawsuit

Dillard’s Inc. will pay $2 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by a group of workers who accused the company of forcing workers to disclose private medical conditions when requesting sick leave. The lawsuit stemmed from an alleged incident where an employee was fired for refusing to reveal her exact medical condition to her supervisor. This practice, the suit says, violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Shan Li, LA Times 12/19/2012

Business Litigation

Department of Justice Settles E-Book Lawsuit

The Justice Department has settled a lawsuit with Penguin Group Inc. over alleged price fixing of e-books. In its suit, the department accused Penguin Group of “colluding with Apple Inc.” to raise e-book prices on consumers. As part of the settlement, Penguin cannot enter into new agreements that “constrain retailers’ ability to offer discounts or other promotions to consumers to encourage the sale of the Penguin’s e-books.”

Wire Report, LA Times 12/19/2012