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Entering into a business venture is a big decision in anyones life. As always, big decisions should never be taken lightly. Before you make any rash decisions, why not talk with an experienced Maryland Business Law Attorney regarding the business venture you are thinking about taking. Whether you are buying, starting, joining a franchise, there are many areas of the law that you must consider before making your decision. We can explain the details for you, so that you make an educated decision regarding your business law venuture.

The Law Office of Fredric G. Antenberg take a hands on approach to your business venture. We do the necessary research, evaluate the big and small details, and clearly explain to you everything you should consider in making this business decision. We can write all the necessary agreements and contracts to assure that all the corners have been covered and that you and you’re rights are protected.


Many business clients have come to us over the years with proposed franchise agreements. Our work principally is to inform our client of the contents of the franchise agreement. In the mid-1980s, we proposed substantial changes to the standard Manpower, Inc. franchise agreement. At the time of the negotiations, Manpower, Inc. agreed to incorporate all of our proposed changes. Approximately five or six years later, another client came to us with the standard Manpower, Inc., franchise agreement which at that time included all of the proposed changes we made at the first review of that agreement. Over the years, we have reviewed franchise agreements in many areas, including fast food, perfume, temporary office help, cleaning services, and consumer products and services, including a coffee and espresso franchise agreement.

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