Investigators: An Important Family Law Asset


We utilize private investigators not only in family law matters but in other legal matters as well. The primary benefit in utilizing the services of a private investigator is to find out the truth.

With recent technology, private investigators can assist lawyers in many ways, including but not limited to the use of tracking equipment, electronic surveillance, and detection. In the past, without computer technologies,  lawyers mainly used private investigators to serve court papers; perform background checks; locate assets; and identify, locate and interview witnesses.   In auto accidents and  criminal cases, lawyers frequently  use  investigators.

In family law cases it  is extremely important that we identify all assets of the parties. Unfortunately, individuals will hide  assets and this can prejudice a client in a division of marital property. In cases involving adultery, people have  the image in their minds that was developed in motion pictures/movies, where the investigator breaks into a motel room and takes photographs of the parties committing  adultery. This perception is wrong and it is illegal. The evidence needed in an  adultery case should prove two elements: adulterous disposition and opportunity. Private investigators have the capability through surveillance and gathering of evidence to prove adultery.

The cost of a private investigator ranges from $75 per hour to $150 per hour. Often the higher rate results in a better outcome but not in all cases. Frequently in cases involving adultery, two investigators are used.

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