Introduction to Separation

With over 30 years of legal experience successfully managing separation matters, there are few matters with which I have not dealt in this area of the law. Some factual events are certainly unique but most circumstances are situations with which I have worked successfully in the past. We can’t say that the past is a predictor of the future but past experiences are often indicators of the future.

My background includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland’s University College. Yes, that means I worked my way through college and then through law school which to me was satisfying because I was financially independent of others. I attended the Mount Vernon College of Law, which merged with the University Of Baltimore School Of Law from which I received a Bachelor of Laws degree and then a Juris Doctor degree.

The above degrees were earned at night and I worked in a number of Jobs that provided me with transferable skills.

One of the jobs I worked that has benefited me the most as a lawyer was being a vocational rehabilitation counselor. I learned counseling skills and developed an appreciation that when you work with an individual, it is necessary to understand that that individual is often influenced by family and significant others as well as by friends and neighbors. Knowledge of jobs and job placement as well as training of numerous types has made me appreciate the issues clients face when planning their future, both short term and long term. A familiarity with medical terms and understanding how disability affects clients are each a “plus” I also obtained from my time as a vocational rehabilitation counselor.

Separation involves many challenges including but not limited to :

  • Being alone
  • Financial demands
  • Sole custody of children
  • Having to deal with life’s demands by yourself
  • Cutting the grass and maintaining the family home
  • Stresses of different types, including the children’s anxiety from missing one of their parents
  • Moving to a new or different neighborhood or children attending a new school

Our chief objective is to deal with the legal issues but also to be sensitive to what is happening to our clients emotionally.

We strive to understanding each client’s needs and to work with each client to achieve a reasonable level of achievement. Establishing a realistic plan is what each client needs and advising the client of his or her options and examining the cost of each option will increase the opportunity for success.

There are many ways to work efficiently with clients. We have several forms that our clients can fill out on their own and by so doing, can save many hours of lawyer’s time and money on legal fees. Working with our office administrator ( Sharon Chapman has 34 years’ experience working with separated persons), whose hourly rate is lower, can often save our clients significant money in legal fees.

By reading the articles in this Separation topic and it’s subtopics, clients can learn what is important beyond their present knowledge. Reading about separation is not a substitute for obtaining meaningful information from me as your lawyer but these articles provide a good foundation to understanding the process as well as aid in making a smoother transition from separation to divorce.

During the process of separation we encourage clients to seek counseling from some of our recommended professionals such as social workers, therapists and physicians. Most of the people we recommend are good at what they do and efficiently work successfully with our clients.

Despite our client’s reasonable anxiety brought on by being or about to be separated, almost all matters can be managed to achieve a realistic and reasonable outcome.

Call me to discuss your need or desire to separate or, after separating, to discuss your rights, especially to child custody, child support, and alimony. Do not accept domestic violence.

Call me, Fredric G. Antenberg, at 410 730 4404