Insurance Companies’ Biggest Rip Off — Total Loss Vehicles

A “total loss” vehicle is one where the damage to it is so great that the vehicle will not be repaired because the cost of repair exceeds the fair market value of the vehicle.

Over the years I have been, and I remain to this day, surprised how insurance companies rip off the public by low- balling their property damage offers for total loss vehicles. They do this even to their own policyholders!

What the major underwriters do is search for three vehicles with the lowest current sale price they can find and they use those prices when making their low ball offer. A closer look by our staff shows how low their offers are. We are able to find other vehicles of similar year, make, model, condition, and mileage and we then present a counter offer.

Few people, especially policyholders, know that the Maryland State Insurance Commissioner has regulations regarding all drivers’ rights to present counter offers and procedures that protect both the policyholder and the third party (non-policy holders). You also have the right to file a complaint on the Insurance Commissioner’s form setting out your reasons and providing information to support your counter offer.

When handling your personal injury case, our office will not charge for our efforts to obtain a higher total loss property damage claim unless we go to court over it. If we go to court for you, we will discuss in advance, on a case by case basis, what the charge may be.

Don’t let the major insurance carriers rip you off when attempting to settle with a low-ball total loss offer.

Call me and I will evaluate your claim. As long as we are also handling your personal injury claim, there will not be a charge for handling the property damage claim unless we have to go to court.

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