Injured On the Job? – You Need a Lawyer


The average contingent fee for Maryland attorneys handling workers’ compensation claims is 20% of the workers’ compensation award (result).

Here are some pitfalls of handling your claim yourself:

–You inform your employer that you were injured but you casually explain how the accident occurred, leaving out important facts and/or emphasizing the wrong or less important facts;  or you give a recorded statement leaving out important injured areas of your body, for which, when you report them later on in the development of the case,  you are unable to be compensated.

–You give a recorded statement to a trained adjustor who is working for the insurance company and who knows how to trap you into saying things that will hurt your case big time.

–You go to an emergency room of the local hospital and, as described above, you leave out important information or say things that you don’t realize will hurt your case.

–Your employer sends you to a clinic who has a relationship with employers and therefore minimizes your injuries and sends you back to work too soon,  thereby making your case more complicated than it needs to be.  If you had come to us initially, we may have been able to obtain for you the benefit of “temporary total” which  would have enabled you to be paid while you were off work.

–You go to your primary care physician who has little experience in workers’ compensation cases and commits  omissions by leaving out important injuries or says things prejudicial to the claim such as that you  will likely obtain full recovery.  How can anyone make such preposterous statements.

–You go to a physician whose practice relies heavily on referrals from insurance companies and so that physician minimizes the documentation of the seriousness of your injuries.

Our experience will enable you to be seen by competent physicians who are also knowledgeable in the workings of the workers’ compensation system and who will present your case in documents that protect your claim. They will accurately and honestly document your case as long as you communicate your injuries. We will prepare you each time we are aware of your appointments so that you thoroughly state your injuries.  You must let us know when you return to receive follow up care and your must either see us or go over with us on the telephone what you are going to tell your physician. If this is not done, your case may be harmed.

We want you to see competent physicians who are very good in listing the details of your case in their reports.  If you see physicians who are too busy or lackadaisical in their reports, your claim will be harmed.  We know physicians who are both competent and understand the workers’ compensation system.

If you go to what I describe as “insurance company oriented physicians”, such a physician may not document your needs properly throughout the process which will lead often to a denial of benefits and/or to a poor outcome of your case.

Don’t make the mistake of going to physicians who notoriously work for employers or insurers.

Getting better is our goal and it should be your goal as well. But if you have a treating physician who is inexperienced in your medical need as a victim of a work-related accident, this will likely lead to disaster.

You were injured in an accident but success in your claim is not an accident. Your claim needs to be managed by our  workers’ compensation attorney.

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