If the Suit Fits, Wear It

When someone has been in an accident, often all they can think about is getting their money from an insurance settlement and running. However, this may not always be the best thing for them to do. As you would expect, an insurance company will often “low ball” you an offer in hopes that you will take anything they will give you happily. Money is money. Before a person jumps on the first sound of money, it is important for them to think about what has happened. If the insurance company is playing games and trying to avoid giving the victim a full and fair settlement, it is a good idea for anyone to consider filing a lawsuit. Here’s are a few reasons why:

  1. Hello!! McDrive!!!: Insurance Companies deal with too many car accidents in a year for an adjuster to count. So, with each adjuster spread thin, they may very likely give your case little attention at first glance. If a lawsuit is filed for an accident, it raises a large red flag for the company saying “this may be worth more attention”. Now, the insurance adjuster will have to look at the case with more scrutiny and may realize the best thing for the company would be to stay out of court by offering MORE!!

  2. I’m Serious!!!: Once you have gotten their attention, they will not only take your case more seriously, but will also be taking you more seriously. Insurance companies hope for people who will assume that any offer is a good offer. By showing them you are willing to take the steps to file a lawsuit, you send out the message that you won’t be taken lightly. That will show the insurance company that you will not settle your case for anything less than what you deserve.

  3. “We Award the Plaintiff…”: Sometimes it is smart to file suit because you you have a good case. If this is the case (no pun intended), you may be able to get more damages rewarded to you by a judge or jury than if you had settled. It may simply just be better NOT to settle.

  4. Don’t Waste My Time, I Won’t Waste Yours: Sometimes, you can tell real early whether an it is even worth it to negotiate with the insurance hand to try and reach a settlement beforehand. A ridiculously low offer can be an easy sign that it’s not worth any further discussion. Rather, file a lawsuit. As explained above in reasons 1 & 2, this alone may cause the offer to go up substantially.

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether an offer is good or bad. This is where an experienced attorney can assist you. Not only can they help figure out your damages, but they can help communicate with the insurance companies to assure that your case is being taken seriously. If filing a lawsuit is in your best interest, that’s what should happen.

Too often, injury lawyers are looking for a quick settlement and have the “take what you can get” approach. In our office, Fredric Antenberg is a MARYLAND ATTORNEY who takes each client’s case seriously. He will take the time to discuss all your options, advise you on what he believes to be the best course of action, and listen to what you hope to get out of the case. Then you can make an informed decision on whether settlement or lawsuit is the way to go. Remember, if the suit fits, wear it!

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