First Meeting With Maryland Divorce Lawyer – What You Can Bring

Here’s some information you could bring our Divorce Attorney in Columbia, Maryland, during your first visit

The first visit to your Family Law Attorney in Columbia, Maryland, does not require you to bring anything with you.

However, if you want to maximize the effectiveness of the consultation, the following information will be helpful:  

  1.   Financial:  We have three forms that you can download/print and fill out:

    1. Confidential Information Form – This is an Excel spreadsheet that identifies your assets by categories, automatically adds up all categories, and provides a grand total.  This form is especially useful in planning and developing strategies for your divorce. Having completed these forms before our first meeting will enable me and my staff to see a “snapshot” of your assets and will assist us in determining what is marital property(all property acquired during the marriage from the date of the marriage to the date of divorce except for gifts or inheritances from a third person) and what is non- marital property (everything else).

    2. Monthly Expenses – This form, when completed, helps us to understand the amount of funds that will be needed to support you and your children.  This form should be prepared as though you are remaining in the marital residence or as though you are in an alternative living arrangement, such as moving to a residence that may be more desirable because of economical factors or because it’s closer to your work or to school for the children and/ or because it is easier to maintain than the marital residence.

    3. Child Support Calculator – The calculation of child support is important to your understanding of what will be the minimum amount of child support that a court would order based upon your and your spouse’s combined income and other related factors. Completing this form often provides my clients with a feeling of security that comes with knowing what level of support may be available to the custodial parent.

  2. A list of three reasons why you want a divorce and of three reasons why your spouse is unhappy with you.

  3. Records: Personal and business income tax records for the past three years; records of debts (especially credit card debt for the past twelve months); pension and 401K plan records as far back as they are readily available; photographs of your spouse; a list of all vehicles and a description of each, such as manufacturer, model, color and tag number, and in whose name(s) each is titled.

  4. Diary information or records that support your reasons for wanting the divorce, including dates that your spouse behaved wrongly to you and/or your children.

  5. Domestic violence: Lists of events with specific dates when you were abused and the names and addresses of any witnesses who may have been present when the violence occurred. If the police were called, know on what date and obtain the police report.

We realize that the above information takes time to gather and so it is not a prerequisite to your first visit to our offices. The benefits of having this information initially however are many. We want our first meeting with you to be efficient and effective. As a Columbia, Maryland divorce lawyer practicing in Howard County, Maryland, and in surrounding counties, we use the three principles of management – planning, organization, and control.

We would like to work with you in an environment that meets your comfort level during this difficult time in your life. For this reason, it is not necessary that you bring this information to our initial consultation. 

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