Introduction to Family Law

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you who we are as a family law practice in Howard County, Maryland.

We take pride in ourselves for successfully dealing with family law issues in Howard County and surrounding counties in Maryland for over 30 years. During that time, we have experienced a multitude of complex issues and yet our communication with clients has been to simplify the explanation so that our clients both understand the process and feel secure.

Our earnest desire to is resolve your issues through negotiation, mediation, or other practical means whenever possible and before resorting to litigation. Furthermore, we strive to find creative and resourceful ways to meet your needs and to obtain resolution as well as to achieve the best result. We pride ourselves also in our dedication to our clients. Of paramount importance is communication because we realize that the system in which we work can be confusing to clients. We therefore take the time with clients to explain how we are navigating through the system and toward the goal of succeeding on behalf of each of them. Working with judges and opposing counsel, we have established a network of relationships that often result in the early resolution of the case.

One of my significant skills is the ability to be direct with clients and to provide clients with realistic responses to their questions. In other words, I do not “sugar coat” the reality of the situation in order to get their business. Another is to be able to review the facts and issues and to develop a plan of action that moves toward resolution.

I have a long-standing commitment to our community and have held leadership roles with numerous civic organizations and non-profit organizations. I have served as the president of the local Rotary Club, twice served as president of the Columbia Business Exchange, and am currently serving as the corporate sponsor of Cub Scout Pack 838 in Columbia, Maryland. I was at one time also the president of Vantage Place (not to be confused with Vantage House) and have held other leadership roles in the above organizations over the years. My connections with these organizations enable me to readily communicate with other leaders of the community because they have a positive image of my legal, professional, and volunteer work. For the past 10 years I have been a volunteer mediator at the District Court of Maryland for Howard County. All Maryland attorneys are required to provide pro bono services to needy clients. I typically provide 44 or more hours of pro bono time to the district court every year. I received an award for Outstanding Mediator at the end of my first year of volunteer service and have enjoyed my time as a mediator ever since.

I have been very fortunate to work for over 33 years with Sharon Chapman, the manager of my practice. Her competence, experience, and continuity have had a very positive impact on the growth and development of this law firm and in our responsiveness to our clients’ needs.

If you have a need to understand your rights in the various areas of family law including separation, divorce, child custody, support, alimony, marital property, litigation and the court process, property settlement agreements (a/k/a separation agreements), pre- nuptial agreements (a/k/a antenuptial agreements), post-nuptial agreements, guardianship, and wills and estate planning following a divorce and/ or separation, please call me, Fredric G. Antenberg, at 410 730 4404.

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