DWI – A Highly Overlooked Offense

DWI and Police Performance

DWI violators vastly outnumber police officers. It is not possible to arrest every drinking driver each time they commit DWI.

Some officers are not highly skilled at DWI detection. They fail to recognize and arrest many DWI violators. Also, some officers are not motivated to detect and arrest DWI violators.

In a 1975 study in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, only 22% of traffic violators who were stopped with blood alcohol content between 0.10 and 0.20 were arrested for DWI. The remainder were cited for other violations even though know they were legally impaired.

The implication of the Florida study is that for every DWI violator actually arrested for DWI, three others are contacted by police officers but are not arrested for DWI. Many officers are simply not skilled at detecting a DWI.

Despite the lack of high performance by the police, you may be arrested for DWI and you absolutely need a lawyer.

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