DNA – The Fingerprint of the Future


Maryland v. King: DNA Evidence is OK to collect at arrest

The Supreme Court handed down several landmark decisions about civil rights, adoption, and class action cases this term.

One case, Maryland v. King, had a local connection that has validated law enforcement’s ability to collect DNA evidence from suspects. In that case, the court said that collecting DNA samples from legally arrested suspects is like taking fingerprints or a mug shot. These routine police procedures are permissible under the 4th Amendment and help the police pursue the legitimate goal of closing unsolved cases.

The database of information kept by the state on those who have been arrested is an important tool in proving guilt AND innocence in many cases. Still, it is important that the Police follow the necessary steps in obtaining and transferring any evidence they collect. This is the sort of thing your attorney will look into when such evidence exists in your case. Fred Antenberg has the knowledge and experience to identify problems that may exist in its collection for his clients.

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