Confidential Information Form

Download  - Confidential Information Form 

This is an excel spreadsheet that identifies your assets by categories and automatically adds up all categories and provides a grand total. This form is especially useful in planning and developing strategies for your divorce or help organize your estate when planning for wills or evaluating your financial situation . This form can help you really think about your assets and and responsibilities you currently have in your life, which can be very helpful in before making any large life decisions such as buying a new house, drawing up your will, planning for your retirement, or separating from a spouse.

Before filling this form out, gather up all your information, think about all of your possessions and assets that are of any value. You want to be sure you include all of your assets and liabilities when planning any decisions or making any choices. You may have find yourself in a better position than you believed yourself to be before filling out this form.

Using this form, our Maryland Attorney can help you get an idea of what position you are currently in, what possessions you have that are of value, and what assets and rights you should focus on protecting. With this information, he can help guide you through the next steps that you will need to take, whether you desire to draw up a new or updated will, would like to set up a trust for your kids and grandchildren, are hoping to make a large financial move such as investing or purchasing a new home, or whether you are approaching the difficult time of separation and divorce.

CONTACT our Columbia Family Law and Estates Attorney, and we can help you go over all this information, organize your financials, and make sure you have everything in order for what ever you may be facing in your life. Take some time to gather the information, fill out this form, and then contact our Howard County office to set up your FREE CONSULTATION at 410-730-4404