Case Summaries

Egg Farm Owner Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

The former owner of an egg farm in Maine has reached a settlement in the discrimination lawsuit filed against him by a former plant manager. The lawsuit alleged the owner discriminated against the manager based on his age, race and national origin. The plaintiff said that the egg farm owner “ordered him to hire only Mexicans for his egg operations in Maine because they were willing to do dangerous or demeaning tasks.” The details of the settlement have not been disclosed.
Dawn Gagnon, Bangor Daily News 10/15/2013
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MI Class-Action Suit Alleges Abuse of Young Prisoners

A lawsuit has been filed against the Michigan Department of Corrections on behalf of seven underage “John Doe” male prisoners. The lawsuit alleges that the young prisoners were sexually and physically assaulted or harassed when they were housed with adult male prisoners. The lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of “at least 500 children” and alleges the “defendants’ policy and practice of housing youthful and adult prisoners together without taking adequate steps to protect youth from a known harm constitutes deliberate indifference to their safety.” The ten-year-old Prison Rape Elimination Act does not permit the housing of adult prisoners with prisoners younger than 18.
Paul Egan , Detroit Free Press 10/16/2013
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Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against College of Holy Cross Head Coach

A former basketball player from Manhattan filed a lawsuit on Tuesday over the alleged physical, verbal and emotional abuse by Massachusetts’ College of Holy Cross head coach. “[The plaintiff] and other players suffered a loss of self-esteem and a loss of their love of the game of basketball” as a result of the defendant’s abuse, the lawsuit says. The plaintiff accuses the head coach of physically hitting players and shaking them in addition to screaming at them in hysterics. The former basketball player says the abuse was so severe that she turned down her full scholarship to get away from the defendant’s abuse. The lawsuit seeks an undisclosed amount of monetary damages.
Dareh Gregorian, New York Daily News 10/16/2013
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T-Shirt Incident at CA School Sparks Free Speech Suit

The families of four California students filed a lawsuit last Friday over an incident on Cinco de Mayo in 2010. The four boys were asked to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out on Cinco de Mayo to avoid any conflict with Mexican-American students celebrating the holiday. The parents who filed the lawsuit consider the incident “an unpatriotic violation of the students’ First Amendment right to wear an American flag on a T-shirt on any day of the year.” The school defends their actions on that day saying they were concerned with student safety due to “a history of campus strife between Hispanic and Anglo students on Cinco de Mayo.”
Howard Mintz, San Jose Mercury News 10/15/2013
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Suit Continues in Case of Woman Possibly Declared Dead Prematurely

A judge has ruled that the lawsuit over the death of a woman participating in Pennsylvania’s 2009 Polar Bear Plunge can continue. In his ruling, the judge determined that the woman may have still been alive and suffering from hypothermia when she was pronounced dead in Sea Isle City. According to the lawsuit filed by the woman’s parents, “a doctor with Atlantic Emergency Associates pronounced [the woman] dead over the phone, although neither the city’s ambulance corps nor the doctor ever examined her.” The claims of negligence and civil rights violations filed against the police officers were dismissed by the judge in addition to the claims of civil rights violations against the ambulance corps and its assistant chief. However, the judge says the case against the doctor can proceed and a punitive damages claim may also go forward against the doctor, the city and its police.
Trudi Gilfillian, Press of Atlantic City 10/16/2013
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Settlement Reached in Case of Shackled Mom

A $490,000 settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed by an immigrant in the United States illegally who was shackled to a hospital bed when she gave birth to her child. The sheriff of Tennessee’s Davidson county enforced the federal deportation law, which is no longer enforced in the country, after the woman was arrested during a traffic stop. During the deportation proceedings, the woman went into labor and was taken to the hospital where she was chained to her bed. The five-year lawsuit reached an end when Nashville officials agreed to settle. The woman will receive $100,000 in the settlement, with the rest going to pay off attorneys’ fees.
Staff Report, Seattle Post-Intelligencer 10/16/2013
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