Case Summaries

Alabama Residents Aim to Stop Windmill Project

Five residents of Cherokee county in Alabama have filed a lawsuit against a Texas-based energy company aimed at stopping the development of a windmill farm in their community. The lawsuit alleges that the project will “harm property values and cause damage to the area’s natural beauty.” It further states that the project will not create enough energy to justify its development due to the area’s lack of potential wind energy. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in Cherokee County Circuit Court.
William Thornton, 10/21/2013
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Family Files Suit Over Pharmacy’s Incorrect Dosage

The family of a young girl has filed a $750,000 lawsuit claiming that a pharmacy was negligent when it put the incorrect dosage on the label of the girl’s medication. According to that lawsuit, the label of the medication listed the dosage as five times the normal amount. After the girl took two teaspoons of the medicine, she fell to the floor, suffered seizures and was hospitalized. Because of the incident, the girl temporarily lost the ability to walk and lost about 18 pounds. The lawsuit states that the girl still suffers side effects from the incorrect drug dosage.
Amy Leigh Womack, Macon Telegraph 10/21/2013
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Former Students File Discrimination Lawsuit Against Univ. Of Connecticut

Seven former students of The University of Connecticut, who were all victims of sexual assault, have filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the school. Their lawsuit alleges that the school did not adequately protect them from sexual discrimination, a policy that is outlined in the federal Title IX law. The plaintiffs claim that the school did not protect them from being assaulted, nor did it grant them rights as victims after the assaults.
Wire Report, New Haven Register 10/21/2013
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TX Lawsuit Says Customs Officer Used Excessive Force

A woman from South Texas has filed a lawsuit alleging that a customs officer used excessive force which led to her miscarriage and other injuries. The lawsuit alleges that customs officers in Brownsville approached the plaintiff after she closed up a duty-free store with a co-worker and proceeded to search her car. One of the officers threw the disabled plaintiff to the ground, causing her to suffer injuries including a miscarriage. The officers handcuffed the plaintiff so tightly that they had to be cut off her arms.
Wire Report, KHOU-TV 10/22/2013
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NY Woman Alleges Sexual Abuse During DUI Arrest

A woman from Long Island, New York has filed a lawsuit alleging that a Nassau County police officer sexually assaulted her in June 2011 when she was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. The plaintiff claims that she was placed in the back of the police car, along with one of the officers. According to the lawsuit, the officer in the back of the car began to touch the plaintiff and the driving officer observed the abuse, but did nothing to stop it. The lawsuit targets the Nassau Police Department and the two officers involved in the incident.
Vera Chinese, New York Daily News 10/21/2013
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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Over Police Shooting

The family of a man who was shot down by a Dallas, Texas police officer responding to a disturbance call has filed a lawsuit against the city of Dallas and the officer who fired the gun. The victim was a schizophrenic man whose mother had called 911 to report her son was off his medication and sitting outside with a knife. Police have claimed that they shot him when he became aggressive towards them, but surveillance footage debunks that claim. According to the lawsuit, “Dallas police were negligent and used excessive and deadly forced in an unlawful manner.”
Susy Solis, CBS 11 10/20/2013
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