A Speedy Divorce – We Can Help

When two people in a marriage decide that it is time to separate, reaching a mutual separation can be tedious, emotional, and stressful. Divorce is often a complicated process filled with many emotions, complications, and necessary compromises between the two spouses. A Maryland Divorce Attorney can help with the many steps of this process, and attempt to help relieve some of the stress and emotion that the client may be experiencing. At our Firm, our Family Law Attorney not only takes an interest in the successful completion of the divorce, but also the personal well being of the client. He makes his best effort to ensure the best possible outcome for his client, as well as doing what he can to help the client start their new life on a strong, positive foot.

As you would expect, the most important aspect of divorce for couples is division of money and assets when they do not have children or have adult children. Matters such as alimony and support will be a key focus in the discussions between parties. Because of the differences that may have led to the divorce, it is often easier for couples to communicate through their lawyers rather than person-to-person. An attorney will be able to articulate their client’s terms without involving the emotion that a face-to-face encounter would possibly include. Obviously, the attorney can also assist in all the necessary paperwork that must be filed as well as when and where to file it.

As one can imagine, if there is children involved in the family, custody can be a strongly contested issue that only will add to the emotion and opinions of the parties. Both parents usually believe themselves to be acting in the best interests of the children, naturally having the opinion that they are the better party to have custody. A Maryland Family Lawyer can help with the custody issues of where the children will live, how visitation will work and the particulars of child support. In most cases, the entire process certainly will all be resolved more quickly than if the spouses were attempting to go through the separation and divorce process by themselves.

Our Columbia Divorce Attorney at the Law Office of Fredric G. Antenberg is the attorney that can help you through this difficult time. He is interested in you as a client and as a person, doing what he can to reach an amicable result and assure that you have a strong foundation moving forward after the divroce. He will go over your marriage with you, and explain how your possessions are seen in the eyes of the law, and how the marital assets can be divided and what you are legally entitled to under Maryland law. If you have children, he will help assess your situation, and build a case with you to show the court what makes a good custodial parent and why you are that parent. He will go over your custody options, explain how child custody and visitation work through the Maryland legal system, and discuss the best possible situation for you and your family.

If you are approaching this very difficult time in your life, CONTACT our office as soon as possible. We can go over the possible next steps, and figure out which direction your next step should be. This process can be a long and grueling one, but with our help we can speed it up as much as possible so that this difficult time can be in the past. Call our Columbia, Howard County, Maryland Office at 410-730-4404 for your free consultation.