30 Years of Perfect Attendance

When I joined Rotary Club in October of 1980, I wasn’t planning on achieving thirty years of perfect attendance.  The first Rotary Dinner I attended as a member, another member was presented with a perfect attendance award.  That night, I decided to try for a year of perfect attendance. 

 When I started, Rotary Club met at the top of the American Cities Building overlooking Lake Kittamaqundi, The meetings were the highlight of my week.  The fellowship, learning of the international and community projects, and the outstanding speakers all added to an overall fun experience.  All these things kept me coming back and actively participating in club events and projects.

Prior to becoming a Rotarian I was already active in the community, having been president of the Columbia Business Exchange twice, serving on boards of charitable organizations and other voluntary organizations.  When I became a Rotarian, my understanding of the community was greatly enhanced and I had a better pulse of what was happening in the community.  Sometimes I would learn of events that occurred before they were described in the local papers and the Flier.

I have met many people through Rotary, some of which have become my best friends. The meetings at Rotary are positive and provide energy that lasts all week.  Some of the notable speakers discussed topics and promoted causes such as:

  • Biological terrorism within several months of 911;
  • The Revolution in Liberia ;
  • Fund raising for world disasters such as the Earthquakes in Haiti, the Sunami in Thailand;
  • The Hubbell telescope;
  • Projects that dug wells and pumps to provided water to developing countries, where previously children would have to travel several hours each way to obtain a days of needed water;
  • The Polio Plus Program that the World Health Organization recognizes as the vital force in the eradication of Polio world wide.

My continuing to have perfect attendance was not my purpose in becoming and continuing to be a Rotarian.  It is the Rotary Experience that brings me back each week.

Come to Rotary Club Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner and experience the fun and enjoyment that will enrich your life.  Head to our Resources page to find links to more rotary information.

FRED ANTENBERG, Membership Chair, Rotary Club of Columbia

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