Columbia Divorce Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer may be the most important decision you will ever make!

In selecting our firm we offer you the following:

  • Over 30 years’ experience;
  • Pride in our dedication to our clients;
  • Creative and resourceful approaches to your needs;
  • Communication being of paramount importance;
  • Always striving to achieve the best result;
  • Ernest desire to resolve cases through negotiation, mediation, or other practical means whenever possible and before resorting to litigation;
  • A network of relationships that may result in the early resolution of your case.

Our Practice Areas are:

These practice areas, although different, involve transferable knowledge and skills that sharpen my performance and often lead to better results for my clients. We do not accept every prospective client who is looking for a Baltimore divorce lawyer and we do not have as many clients as many larger firms do. We keep our client base at a level that allows us to provide quality legal services.

When I meet with you, I take the time to understand your needs, goals, and expectations and to jointly develop the best approach to achieving your desired result. Thereafter, we keep you fully informed of our communications with the courts, the lawyer on the other side, and others; and we explain the process to you so that you feel secure. We answer your questions in a direct way so that you will understand the process too. We believe that our efforts are a “team effort” in our quest “to seek the best”.

We have made a financial commitment to tools available to the legal establishment. We utilize technology to achieve quality and efficiency. Our case management system is one of the best available to the legal community. Our computers are networked and are kept current with the latest in software and upgrades. Our research and library enables us to keep up with the many changes in the law as they occur.

As an experienced Baltimore divorce attorney, I will personally handle your case with the assistance of a support staff. My administrative manager has worked with me over thirty years which leads to continuity, efficiency, and client satisfaction. I and my staff, with the assistance, support, and encouragement of a mentor, initially developed our website in 2010 and with it, we achieved a high Google presence which demonstrates the firm’s resourcefulness. In August 2014, we contracted with Justia, a website development company, who has brought our website to an even higher level.

Our offices are located in Columbia, Maryland, and we work with clients in Howard County and in surrounding counties. We have also provided effective representation in Western Maryland and on the Eastern Shore.

Our clients will tell you that this firm is concerned about your well-being, will listen to what you have to say, and will work hard for you. Please visit Linked In and read what our clients say about our firm.

Please make an appointment to meet with me for your Free Initial Consultation. Call 410-730-4404. To help us maximize our time together, we have several forms on this website that you may wish to complete before we meet. For example, if your concern involves family law, completing the forms and bringing them with you will provide me as a Baltimore divorce lawyer with a “snapshot” of your needs.

"We respect your time and money, and cut through the bureaucracy to achieve results. We are personally involved with each of our clients. We genuinely care about you. We’ve been in the Columbia area of Howard County, Maryland, for over thirty years and have an established support network to assist you. We're here when you need us."

- Fredric G. Antenberg